sk fasttorch 4mm

sk fasttorch 4mm


Davco SK Fastorch is a prefabricated roofing membrane manufactured under the most stringent quality control specifications, for the protection, repair and restoration of all types of roofs, gutters and structures.


The top layer which is exposed to the sun is treated with fine sand for the sanded-finish and with small coloured granules for the mineral-finish. These sand or granules are factory applied during production, thus assuring minimal loss throughout the life of the roof. The treated surface offers: • Excellent protection from U.V. • Available in green, black, brown, buff, red and tan coloured granules. • Eliminates need for coating or covering the top with concrete/ tiles, thus reducing roof load and extra expense.


The asphalt is mixed with highly compatible modifiers to provide the membrane with better aging characteristics, and higher resistance to cold and hot temperatures. Davco SK Fastorch is flexible. When compared to regular asphalt, one can readily realize the benefits of the membrane.


The core of Davco SK Fastorch is reinforced with a non woven polyester mat which stretches up to 30%. Similar glass felts offer a maximum of 2% elasticity. This feature allows the membrane to accommodate thermal shocks and excessive roof movements.


A thin burn off film is factory applied during production. This film acts as heat gauging device. The applicator can watch the heat reaction of the film and therefore visually gauge the application temperature.



  • Reroof and new construction roof for commercial and residential. • Foundation waterproofing. • Dome shaped roofs. • Bridge & Viaducts. • Under floor waterproofing. • Rooftop gardens. • Patio decks


  • Quick, simple, easy and inexpensive application. • Only one layer is required, thus reducing roof load and installation cost. • Can easily be maintained and repaired. • Can be exposed directly to sun thus eliminating need for protective coating, concrete or tiles. • No kettle or hot asphalt required. • No height restriction on application.


STEP 1: Clean surface and prime with Davco SK Primer.

STEP 2: Begin from low point of roof to high. Application should begin in the valleys and work up hill to avoid backwater laps.

STEP 3: Unroll the membrane fully and allow side laps, reroll halfway and begin torching. Allow 4” lap joints along the roll edges and 5” on roll ends and transverse joints.

STEP 4: Pass the torch flame from side to side until the burn off film begins to fully melt. Move the roll at this time. DO NOT OVER HEAT.

STEP 5: The sanded or granulated surface at the roll edges or end laps should be scrapped off to provide for a smooth surface.

STEP 6: Recheck the seams to assure a minimal of 3mm bitumen outflow for water tight integrity


On a smooth, dry and greasefree deck or surface, apply a layer of Davco SK Primer. After drying, torch Davco SK Fastorch whilst rolling and pressing onto the substrate. Head overlap has to be 12cm and edge 10cm, the use of a trowel to seal the overlap is necessary. Refer to safety data sheet